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A Furry Roleplaying Community's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in A Furry Roleplaying Community's LiveJournal:

Monday, May 7th, 2007
10:46 am
The Gardens
Kiajinn hung by his legs from a tree in the communal gardens, staring at the tea party invite curiously.

Hmmmm....  I wonder if i should go? but theres bound to be many people there.... makes me nervous...

But on the other hand.... that cute Miss Toshi is sure to be there, *Kiajinn Sighs*

Hmm.... Im so Paranoid... it will most likely be fine but still... i wonder ....

*Kiajinn Closes his eyes and sighs again popping a pocky stick into his mouth*


Saturday, May 5th, 2007
9:37 pm
Toshi printed out hundreds of fresh posters and folded some of them neatly.

She lifted them and took them out of her dorm, carefully locking her door behind her.

The corridor was silent, she shivered, the place was so nice and the students here were so shy at the moment, there were some older years that knew each other, or kept to themselves, it was strange.

She slid the posters under the doors on each landing, slowly working her way down to the common room, where she blu-tacked one to the door.

She looked up at the poster and flicked her tail happily, she tucked the remaining few posters under the arm, and begun back up the stairs, putting one in each shared kitchen on the way up.

She could hear a few furs scuffling about, unfolding posters in their rooms. I hope this goes to plan.

She read out the Poster in her head.

Common Room Tea Party!

Tomorrow @ noon 'til midnight

Food and Drink Supplied, vegetarian available.

Trying to get the new people to meet the older people and other new people. Please come, it beats hiding in your dorm all day!
Monday, April 30th, 2007
5:23 am
Savis looked around the fifth floor in amazement. It was much bigger than the guide made it out to seem, and now he was sure that getting lost was somewhere in his future. "Damn." He said, looking up at the cathedral like ceilings. It was beautiful, but some impatient fur pulled him back into reality. "Heh, sorry 'bout that." Savis said, trying not to sound too embarrassed. The other fur mumbled something and disappeared into a room. Right, well back to it. The room was at the lower end of the hall, near a water fountain.

After fumbling with his keys for a moment, Savis opened the door to his new room. "Holy Gods!" He said with a near squeak, dropping his bags to the floor. It was even more magnificent than the entryway, and the lobby downstairs. Two large windows to the left washed the room in sunlight, while the walls just begged to be covered in artwork. Savis closed the door behind him and looked around, soaking up what he could. He took out the note he received, and read it over.

Dear Mr. Blackwolf,

First, I would like to personally welcome you to Obedience High. This is a great opportunity to higher education, and we are happy to host you. Your room assignment is 7E on the fifth floor, I hope you find it with ease. You will find your key in the envelope, along with a front door key and a spare set. Please do not lose these. If, however, you do, a replacement copy can be made for $2 per key.

Please take liberty in decorating your room, but please return the walls to a primed state at the end of the academic year. Paint, nails, spackle, and any other item you may need can be located in the student run store.

The best of luck to you,

Professor Obedience.

And with that, Savis set off to work.
10:06 am
"Sigh, what a long break.....I'm actually glad to be back here after that long holiday with my parents"

Kitt said to himslef as he slowly trundled up the long stairecases to the F floor. His long tails wriggled lightly behind him, glistning each time the light hit them from the windows in the stair well. Getting all the way to his floor his large ears perked as he heard the voice of not just a girl but another as well. Staying totally still He listened but thought inside his head.

'oh no someone is right oposite my room *whimper* i though that room would always stay empty. Now how am i going to get to my room'

Kitt had a big issue with being close to people due to a long history of being picked on or stared at for his weird sheened tails. Taking one big deep breath he quickly scurried along the corridor and stopped at the door of the room Oposite Toshi's before fumbling with his keeps. Opening the door he quickly darted inside and closed the door, hoping none of them saw him or what his room looked like. Sighing he looked around the room, the windows blacked out apart from one small hole which seemed to have some sort of silk attached at the hole and then going up to strands that covered the entire room. Every inch of the room was covered in what looked like a pearl white spider silk. From hte strand that was on the small amount of light it trapped the light and it went through all the silk strands to make it look like the silk was almost glowing, the room lid like daylight just from this effect.
Sunday, April 29th, 2007
4:34 pm
Toshi dragged her suitcase off of the final flight of stairs and juggled with a box of necessities, and began stumbling across the landing, she looked up at the doors either side of her 3E, 3E, where the hell is 3E? Who's idea was it to have all the numbers in hex? Christ! She finally found her door and fumbled through her pockets for her key, she slid it into the door and opened it, she peeped around the door to make sure no one was in there Last thing I need is to find out all the keys are the same and I'm in someone elses room or something. No one was there. There was a small sign on the desk at the far end of the room with her name on it. At least I can safely presume this is my room and I've not cocked up then. She put her suitcase up next to her wardrobe and dropped the box mercilessly onto the bed.

She eyed up the white walls, she remembered the rules that she could paint, so long as the walls were back to white when she left, and smiled. I can do a lot with this
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